Lucy 4

Lucy 4 is the TeamSpeak 3 bot of the Divine Community.

The bot consists of three parts: LucyLucy the real one und Lucy the second one


A normal client. Users communicate with this client via chat and additionally the client serves a musicbot functionality.
This part of Lucy is not available currently. There are still some things that need to be developed.

Lucy the real one

This is a ServerQuery client.
It’s job is to create channels when there is need for them. Therefor exist four top channels. As a user enters one of these channels, a subchannel gets created with preconfigured permission settings. Finally the bot moves the user to this channel.

The bot was developed by myself in Python 3 and uses the TeamSpeak-Query-API from Bennedikt Schmitt.

Lucy the second one

This is also a ServerQuery client.
It’s purpose is to measure the active time of users on the TS to give them new groups with additional permissions. Additionally it serves some more statistics.

The system behind this is the TSN-Ranksystem (GitHub).