Welcome to my private website
Here you will find informations about me, my projects and some other things.

Attention! This site is far away from beeing up-to-date. I try my best to update things from time to time, however repeatedly notice how long ago the last change already is. Sorry for that.

Projects and Activities

  • Hosting of a Proxmox VE Cluster
  • Hosting of multiple Debian Virtualserver, as well as Debian Rootserver
    • MySQL/MariaDB
    • Minecraft Gameserver
    • Websites
      • WordPress
      • TeamSpeak 3 Server statistics
    • Cloud Storage
    • TeamSpeak 3 Server
    • Mailserver
    • Monitoring (Munin/Netdata)
    • Streaming Server
    • Media Server
    • different Gameserver depending on the interest of the community
  • Lucy 4
  • Organization of the Divine Community
  • DistributedTwitchChatMod (DiTChaM)
  • Twitch Chatbot for KokoDama
  • Moderation of some Twitch Channels

The source code of these and other projects is propably available at my GitLab.

About Me

I’m currently working as a system administrator at the German Research Centre for Geosiences (GFZ) in Potsdam.

Privately I occupy myself with new technologies and start new projects. Not usefull or successfully but that’s not what matters to me primarily. I mostly just want to learn something new or get some experience.
When I don’t do tech-stuff I mostly spend time with the Divine Community. We play games and organize a community gathering once a year – one week camping together and unsecuring the area.

I’m open for new projects and inspirations for some technical finesse